Our Introduction


Over the years, we have had the good fortune to be able to visit a wide variety of regions across Mexico both for work and pleasure, sampling amazing food and getting to know the locals everywhere we set foot. That ongoing journey has inspired us to celebrate the cultures we’ve encountered by making them part of every bite and sip on our menu. We welcome you to join in this celebration by stopping by to spend time with us.

Exciting Flavors

Whether you have an appetite for traditional Mexican fare or are feeling more spicy and adventurous, our varied menu of appetizers, entrees, and drink specials, inspired by our travels, is sure to excite your palate and bring you back for more.

Scratch Kitchen

At Cantina Viajero, we pride ourselves on the fact that all recipes and dishes we offer to our guests are prepared from scratch and on-site to the highest standards by our in-house kitchen staff, without shortcuts, using fresh, raw ingredients.

Vegetarian Options

For our guests who prefer not to eat meat or fish, we include a variety of dishes on our menu that feature Impossible ™ plant-based protein alternatives, and we always follow best practices to avoid any cookware or utensil cross-contamination. 

Discover More


As our guest at Cantina Viajero, you’ll enjoy a unique Mexican dining experience of freshly made food that marries time-honored recipes, techniques, and flavors with modern sensibilities.

More About


While we believe you’ll fall in love with our uniquely modern Mexican food and drink, the experience that awaits you when you walk through our doors encompasses far more than this.

With four distinct dining areas to choose from, each featuring an authentic look and feel, you’re sure to get into the spirit of Mexican adventure and enjoy the opportunity to eat, drink, laugh, and create new memories with family and friends.

Our dedication to treating others well extends not only to our guests, but also to our employees. That’s why we make a point of fostering a positive work environment while also supporting our staff through incentives like tuition assistance.

Our goal is to treat guests as well and as warmly and with as much attention as we were treated by the many wonderful homes and restaurants we’ve encountered during our travels … not only like a valued guest , but also like a member of the family